Mermess Series

Why Being Organized Is So Important

Today I am spending the day organizing my bedroom. I have just moved back into my parent’s house after a 4 year long relationship and I have been struggling to get my shit together. After sharing a house with someone for over 4 years, I have accumulated a lot of stuff. More stuff that can fit into my now small bedroom. It feels weird being back in my old bedroom. The memories are definitely coming back. My furniture was so childish back then. All white with hearts on it and a canopy bed. My parents had gotten rid of that furniture a long time ago and now I came home to a blank canvas. Which felt like a sign to me. It is my fresh start.

I’ve bought two desks from Ikea which I assembled myself and am now wishing I had made a DIY video or maybe even vlogged that process. Anyway, I have also ordered a bed and dresser which have not arrived yet. So, all of my things are either piled under my desk or stuffed into my closet. I hate it. I hate being this unorganized. It gives me anxiety almost and I find it so hard to focus in clutter. So today, I’m going to tackle this mess I’ve made and try to bring some order to my disorder. I feel like your space reflects you. If you are living in clutter your mind will be cluttered as well.



I’m going to be making a YouTube video on organizing my desk as well. Here I’ll go into detail about why you should only keep the items that truly bring you joy and get rid of the rest. I’ll also share with you which items are the most important to me and a look at my vision board. You can find that video on my YouTube channel: FijianMermaid on Friday (I’ll link it when the video is uploaded). I feel like when you surround yourself only with the things that bring you joy, it brings your energy level up. You will feel more inspired and more motivated to go after the things that are truly important to you. And won’t have little distractions in front of you throwing you off track.




Like I said, I have two desks from Ikea. One is going to be my office desk and one my vanity. I’m still waiting on my chair, stool, area rug and mirror to complete this corner of my bedroom. But, may as well start organizing now. I’m a big believer of preparing yourself for the things you want. I want an inspiring bedroom that will launch me into the best me possible. What that entails is getting my shit organized. Even though I know this is important for me, I’m honestly not quite excited to deal with it right now… Oh well, I know it will be totally worth it when I am done. Time to get to it!

Love you my mermaids,

Janice aka FijianMermaid


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