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My Number One Weight Loss Secret

So, lately I have been eating a lot of desserts and drinking a lot of wine lol. Hey, I’m going through a break up, what do you expect? Chocolate is so satisfying right now. I like crave it every night. Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chocolate, chocolate infused wine… Yes, there is a chocolate infused wine and yes, it’s as delicious as you’d expect it to be.  And if it isn’t something chocolate, it’s cheesecake or those delicious little pumpkin tarts… You get the picture. What I’m trying to say is that I have been indulging lately. A lot. And unfortunately, it was beginning to catch up with me. There are two places that I can always immediately notice a change. That is under my chin/neck area and my tummy.



I noticed my tummy starting to look a bit bloated, which sent me into a panic mode. Which caused me to eat more. You know how it goes. Then I realized that while I was gorging myself on desserts and wine, I forgot one very important thing:


This is where I was slacking. I went from typically drinking well over a litre of water a day to barely taking a couple of sips. I had unintentionally replaced water with wine. Well it wasn’t just wine. I had also begun drinking soda again which in my opinion is worse than wine. I feel like every drink you have with your meal should be water and I had basically stopped doing that. So, I decided to make a change. I would still drink my wine of course and I will also continue to eat as many desserts as I please, but now I will add in more water. I will always have a bottle of water with me wherever I am. This is how I used to do it and this is how I will do it again.


So, I have been doing this for about a week now and this morning I really noticed the difference! My tummy is becoming flatter again and I’m so happy about it! So happy that I just had to share this little secret lol. Water. That was the answer all along. And not only has my tummy gotten flatter, but my mood has improved, and my energy levels are way up. It’s amazing what just drinking water can do for you.

Now I’ve changed my routine to make drinking water my biggest focus. The first thing I do before I even get out of bed is I drink an entire bottle of water. I have a gold swell one that makes it so simple to refill or I just grab a regular bottle of water. Once I finish the entire bottle, only then do I get out of bed. I find this really helps to get rid of that morning grogginess and those stiff joints too. Mind you, I am going to the bathroom way more… but, I think that’s just all part of the detox process anyway. And we all know detoxing is a great way to lose weight. So, why not do a water detox? It’s free and the results are undeniable!

If you are looking for any of the results I have mentioned, then I suggest you start drinking more water. Like right now. Grab a glass, go to your tap, fill it up and guzzle that shiz down. I promise you, it will make you feel amazing! There is no downside. Like Nike’s slogan: Just Do It!

Love you MerMers,

Janice aka FijianMermaid


2 thoughts on “My Number One Weight Loss Secret”

    1. Aww congrats on your new place! Maybe get a puppy? I know I don’t know what I would do without mine. Except then you’d have a snacking partner which makes indulging even harder to stop! lol

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