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Why Morning Routines Are So Important

You can either start your morning motivated and pumped for the day or you can dread it. The choice is yours. I understand that it’s not easy waking up in the morning with tons of energy and ready to do what you need to do. Honestly, life isn’t meant to be easy. Anything worth pursuing, like your goals, is going to be challenging. If it were easy, everyone would have the things that you want including you. But it’s not that simple and you must work to get what you want that’s the only way it’ll actually be worth it. Crushing your goals is difficult and if you don’t start your day right it can be even harder than necessary. If you spend your morning preparing for your day, it will change everything. Putting yourself in a mindset to conquer your goals will only get you there faster.

My morning routine has changed a lot over the years. I’m always trying to figure out what works best for me, so I’ll actually do it. You need to do the same as well. Figure out what motivates and energizes you in the morning and do that. It might take some trial and error, but keep at it I promise you it’s worth it. My morning looks like this: I wake up early and put on my YouTube playlist called Morning Routine. I don’t even get out of bed and I barely open my eyes for this. I just grab my phone, my headphones and get this playlist on. The playlist begins with a 6 min motivational speech that gets me sooo pumped and ready to go! It’s basically telling me to go out there and do what I need to do to get me to my goals. I am in the comfort of my bed and it’s like I have a personal coach motivating for my day. It’s pretty awesome.


Once that’s over, my playlist continues. This time it’s my meditation. I do a guided kundalini meditation, also in the comfort of my bed except now I’m sitting up, for 30 minutess. For those that don’t know what kundalini is, it’s the energy inside of you that must be awoken so you can be your best you possible. I will go into more detail about this in a later post. What this meditation does for me, is that it clears my head of all the mess. All the negative self talk, it removes me overthinking about what I have to do that day and it calms me completely. So, I began by pumping myself with the motivational speech so I can wake up and then I mentally prepare myself with a meditation. Once I am awake, calm and ready to receive, I move on to the next item on my playlist.

The next item is Kundalini Yoga. Yes, I’m a huge fan of kundalini lol. So, I just get on to the floor of my bedroom and begin my yoga session. This type of yoga isn’t too difficult. It is basically chanting and stretching and makes me feel amazing right after I’m done and during as well. In it, you do the kriyas (exercises) and take a break in between to absorb the energy you created. It’s truly magical and I can not live without it! After this, the final item on my playlist plays. It’s a 30 minute motivational compilation that continues to make me motivated for my day. I listen to this as I brush my teeth and wash my face, as I get Gucci ready for his day, and as I drink my protein and take my vitamins. I am currently obsessed with listening to motivational videos on YouTube and listen to them whenever I can. Also, after the playlist ends I grab my coffee and journal all my thoughts down. Just thought I’d add that in even though it’s not part of the playlist.

Anyway, here is my Morning Routine playlist

So, yup. That’s what I do every morning without a doubt. It really works and it makes me feel so good and so ready for my day. I love it! When you start creating your morning routine, create it with you in mind. What motivates you? What kind of exercise are you the most into? Also, definitely add meditation to your morning routine it will help you so much! And I will write a more detailed post on meditation soon as well!

Well, there you go my beautiful Mermess. This tip on having a morning routine will definitely help you get closer to your dreams, so go for it!

Love you,

Janice aka Fijian Mermaid


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